08/10/2013- Latest News

I hope you have all now seen that the weapon specific days for the next Talent Assessments in December are confirmed:

Foil on Friday 20th December
Epee on Saturday 21st December
Sabre on Monday 23rd December

These will be held at Lee Valley.  Details below to clarify who will receive an invitation and the timescales for this:

  1. Those invited from the first ranking list we took in May that could not attend the first date.  Invite to go out in the next two weeks.
  2. Those that came to the assessment day that we said we would reassess if we felt they had addressed some of the ‘areas to improve’ section. Invite to go out at the start of December.  Our Lead Talent Coaches will be continuously monitoring these athletes throughout the next few months.
  3. Athletes that are given a discretionary place due to particular circumstances.  Requests to go through to Joanna Cook for evaluation. Invite at any time between now and December.

Joanna Cook/Head of Pathway Development

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