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British Fencing Strongly Advise Clubs & Schools to use Registered Coaches

Clubs and schools are often on the lookout for ways of improving their coaching provision.   It is the end of an Olympic cycle and there is always movement of coaches and other staff at this time.

British Fencing takes the safety of our fencers very seriously, which is why we operate our Coaches Register.   When you use a coach on the Register, you know that they are qualified.  You also know that they are insured and criminal record checked.   We strongly urge that you always check the register when you use a new coach and that way you are assured that the right boxes are ticked.

Your club or school may be approached by coach from home or abroad that you may not have heard of, despite appearing to be highly qualified.  Along with all the checks that you would normally carry out (e.g. trial sessions) we provide a free service for you to check whether the coach you are considering to employ is registered.  If they are not then your club or school may not be covered should you experience any problems.

Check our Coach Register here which is updated monthly.  It is possible that the very newest registered coaches don’t appear on the latest update so please contact Head Office to double-check.

If you have any welfare concerns please contact Liz Behnke, our Equality & Safeguarding Manager.

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