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The Journey of Richard Kruse, Interview Premiere on July 1st, 6pm

In a YouTube premiere on July 1st, at 6pm: Richard Kruse, 4 times Olympian and 1st British fencer to become World #1, celebrates his retirement from competition with an in-depth interview with Olympic Team Manager Johnny Davis.


In the hour-long interview, Richard takes us on a medal-by-medal journey through his career from his first fencing experiences, to his multiple Olympic appearances and beyond.

  • Step inside the Olympic village, and hear what Richard thought of the environment, and how he stayed focused.
  • Hear about his life experiences, travel, disasters(!) and successes as he describes his journey across the world, fencing for GBR.
  • Learn how he felt about his wins, losses and worthy opponents throughout the years.
  • Find out what Richard’s plans are as he steps into the next phase of his career and inspires the next generation of fencers.
  • Anecdotes, memories and advice for our future fencers, all in this in-depth special interview.


Produced by British Fencing

Filming and editing: Steven Williams

Thanks to: Richard Kruse, Johnny Davis, Leon Paul Centre,

Thanks to: The National Lottery

For reference, the interview was filmed in 2021 just before the Olympic European qualification zonal competition.


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