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British Fencing are left feeling inspired by a recent piece done by Mark Summers (mustardtv.co.uk) highlighting one of the many gems in our fencing community.  It was of an 87 year old Veteran Fencing Champion from Norwich named Connie Adam who is trying to fundraise for her next international trip to France to compete at the 2015 Veterans World Championships.

Over thirty years she has collected more than one hundred fencing medals to her name, but Connie started fencing for the first time when she retired.  She classes herself as not coming from a fencing background, despite having international success and more on her story can be found here.

When describing Connie and her story James Craig, British Fencing’s Participation Business Manager said; “Social media came good when on Thursday October 1st, we became aware of a news piece done by Mark Summers of mustardTV which highlighted Connie needing £800 to cover her travel costs for the Veterans World Championships.  After watching it I was left with the feeling that she epitomised everything about the #ThisGirlCan campaign and that it would be great to support her and share her story more widely.  I made contact with my colleagues and we all agreed to help.  So on behalf of British Fencing I made contact with Connie to say we would like to make a £400 donation and in exchange Connie is helping us simply share her inspiring story of getting into the sport of fencing”.

At British Fencing we want to share Connie’s story further to help inspire women and girls at any age and at any ability to have a go at fencing.  Connie had no fear to give fencing a go and in return she has found a new passion that she just so happens to be rather good at.

Please help Connie if you can with further donations that are submitted to Roy Blower, 01603 452557, [email protected] or merely spread her story with the video and/or the hashtag #ConnieCan as we also hope that you can see the real life great story of Connie Adam’s. We will be making contact with her after she comes back from Veterans World Championships, Limoges, France so please keep posted on our social media channels to follow her story further. 

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