30/07/2020- Safeguarding/Welfare

BF Welfare Officer training: Time to Listen, is on Saturday, 1st Aug 2020. This is one of the essential training elements to be a Welfare Officer in England and Wales.

Time to Listen/BF Welfare Officer (England and Wales)

£25, on Zoom

August 1st, 2020


Please email [email protected] to be booked onto the course.

As there is presently no formal CPSU Time to Listen which is suitable for delivery, BF is running an adapted version for the fencing community using online video conferencing mechanisms.

Please note that whilst passing this course will make you a fully qualified Club Welfare Officer for fencing it will not be transferable to other environments.

In preparation for a return to fencing, this is an excellent time for club welfare officers to bring themselves up to date with the training requirements for their roles. If your certificates have expired (they are only valid for 3 years) or you have never attended this course, you can now book this online option.

If you are interested in attending a course but you are not able to attend this date, please email us.



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