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Eurostar confirm fencers can take fencing equipment (including fencing swords) on board as luggage provided it is carried in a protective case.

Update 10th November – we are still experiencing issues. It will help if you provide advance notice of travel bookings (where you plan to travel with foils, epees or sabres in your bag) to Eurostar using this form here. End update.

British Fencing wrote to Eurostar earlier this year following complaints from members in regards to the significant variations in relation to the policies applied by staff over recent years which would variously result in different procedures and  additional charges being levied when travelling.

BF received confirmation from the Eurostar Traveller Team on the 24th June 2022 on the Eurostar arrangements for travelling with Fencing Equipment (including metal fencing swords).

In summary:

Q: Can I take fencing equipment on board?

A: Yes, you can take fencing equipment (including fencing swords) onboard with you as part of your luggage allowance as long as they are in a protective case (eg a fencing bag)


Q: Will I be required to use the luggage wagon or a pre-booking system because I am carrying fencing equipment including swords in my luggage?

A: No


Eurostar have given us permission for us to share with members the communications we have received. A summary of the situation and communications can be downloaded by clicking here.

BF strongly recommends that fencers should describe their luggage as ‘Fencing Equipment’ to assist the Eurostar team in referencing the correct internal guidelines and policies.


Eurostar have confirmed that they are in the process of updating the following webpages to avoid Fencing Equipment being accidentally interpreted as ‘Dangerous’ or ‘Prohibited’, but note that this is not an instant process.

Sports equipment | Eurostar | Eurostar “Dangerous Sports Equipment”

Prohibited and restricted items | Eurostar | Eurostar


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