09/12/2016- Latest News

This morning UK Sport informed us that they will not be investing in the British Fencing World Class Programme (WCP) for the Tokyo 2020 cycle.

This is obviously a very disappointing and unexpected decision for everyone in British Fencing and one which we will be seeking to appeal.

We recognise the financial constraints that UK Sport is operating under.  However, over the last cycle the programme has transformed into a recognised and professional world class programme which is delivering consistent and improving international results.  We believe that our athletes have the talent, skills and determination to win Olympic medals and this decision is a serious setback for them and the wider sport.

Going forward we need to take time to fully understand the impact of this decision across our sport.  We will be working closely with our athletes, staff and stakeholders to ensure the progress we have made can be continued and the full potential of our athletes realised.

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