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National Development Manager, Ben Campion, says: Our development programmes are well under way and it won’t be long before we have our first AASE graduates.

AASE Information

British Fencing is committed to providing fencers with opportunities to improve their performance and develop as an individual in a cost-effective way.  We have teamed up with SkillsActive to offer the chance for British fencers to be part of and achieve the Advanced Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence (AASE). This is a level-3 qualification (equivalent to an A-level) based around an NVQ in Achieving Excellence in Sports Performance; designed for fencers who have the realistic potential to achieve excellence and are seeking to perform at the highest level. Delivered through the British Fencing National Academy, the programme will cover all areas of fencing and athletic development and take 2 years to complete.

We are delighted to announce that we have accepted 43 fencers in to this programme for 2011-12. These fencers will receive financial support for all British Fencing National Academy activities and for selected international competitions.

The programmes and coach education development that AASE allow us to do will benefit all fencers who are part of the National Academy.

The programme started with an induction day for the fencers, their parents and their personal coaches on the 6th Nov 11.

British Fencing Expert Coaches Group

As part of the National Academy development British Fencing has set up an Expert Coach Group (ECG) to drive the direction of the National Academy and to support our best coaches. This group is made up of coaches who have trained more than one fencer at the World or European Championships over the past four years and those now coaching as part of the National Academy.

The ECG has met once for a weekend to plan and advise on the programme for the future of the National Academy and youth fencing. Two webinars have also been conducted; the first on anaerobic physiology from the lead National Academy Strength & Conditioning coach, Anthony Turner.  This was followed up with another on periodisation and adaptation to training.

December Training Camp

We successfully teamed up with clubs in France and Italy to offer an international training camp to National Academy fencers over the festive period.  These were held in La Rochelle for foil and Rome for epee and sabre.  Sixty fencers signed up for these and were supported by National Academy coache

For more information on the National Academy or AASE programmes, please contact the National Academy Manager Alan Rapley ([email protected]) or the British Fencing Project Officer, Neil Brown ([email protected]).

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