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Update on July Cadet & Junior BRCs

As part of the ongoing review and to allow for detailed risk assessments and planning, the closing dates for the July British Ranking Competitions (BRCs) are being brought forward to 1st July.

Following on from the government announcement of a delay to step 4 of the roadmap (England), BF is currently conducting a risk assessment of the July 2021 British Ranking Competitions (BRCs) for Cadet (U17) and Junior (U20) . BF is working closely with the BRC event organisers.

At this stage, our expectation is that the competitions will still take place albeit with potential adjustments to entry limits and formats to ensure that step 3 restrictions can be upheld and the competitions are a meaningful (and developmentally appropriate) competitive experience for those attending.

Whilst further precautionary measures are still under review, following the initial risk assessment the following decisions have been made for the July events:

  • The Junior BRC events will only open up to those in the cadet age group (2005-) based on venue size, capacity and an updated risk assessment.
  • The entry window for Juniors entering Junior events will close on Thursday 1st July 2021.
  • The entry window for Cadets entering Cadet events will close on Thursday 1st July 2021.
  • This allows BF and event organisers to plan in detail the procedures of the event based on the final numbers of participants and event staff required.
  • On 1st July there may be further opportunity for Cadets to enter Junior events depending on the entry numbers and risk assessment.
  • It is very unlikely that coaches will be able to attend these events. Where spare venue capacity exists, parents unable to drop off fencers or supporting fencers with additional safeguarding needs, will be given priority to remain in the venue. Note that the ability to spectate is likely to be limited and parents will not be permitted to coach.
  • Everyone attending the events (unless they are exempt) is expected to undertake a lateral flow test on the morning of the event (before leaving for the venue) and follow NHS guidance if the test is positive.
  • Whilst all events will run with a minimum of 2 rounds of pools there may be further adjustments to the format (in consultation with the event organisers) to maximise competitive development opportunity (‘time on task’) for all competitors.

In light of the recent uncertainty around step 4 we feel it is prudent to subject the events scheduled for after 19th July to the same measures. This will remain under continual review until further information is made available regarding restrictions from 19th July.

We expect to complete our initial review of precautionary measures next week (subject to any change in restrictions). Any further additional measures will be announced on the website and entrants will be contacted directly.

The health and safety of all those attending is paramount, BF and event organisers continue to work closely to provide the best experience possible for all those taking part.

As a reminder, the intention is to have several ‘B’ events around the UK throughout the whole season, providing multiple accessible opportunities for fencers to compete. Furthermore, athletes seeking GBR selection are not expected to attend every ‘B’ event.  The decision to attend a competition needs to be a choice made by the fencers, supported by their parents and coach. Fencers are encouraged to make the right choices for their development and circumstances – just because BF provides a competitive ranking or selection opportunity it does not mean that every eligible fencer should feel they must participate.

Following this announcement if any athlete wishes to withdraw from an event please contact the event organiser using the contact details provided as part of the entry process.

We would like to extend our thanks to the community for bearing with us during these uncertain times as we make every effort to restart competitive activity as safely as possible.

If you have further any questions about this post, please submit them to us via the form here and a member of the ADP team will come back to you.


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