11/02/2021- GBR

Board Approves Updated Olympic Nomination & European Zone Qualification Event Selection Policy

The BF Board has approved the updated Olympic Nomination and European Zone Qualification Event Selection Policy which was adjusted in line with the recent FIE announcements regarding the dates of the final qualification tournaments.

Following the draft publication here, the policy has now been reviewed by the British Olympic Association (BOA) and approved by the BF Board.

Following on from the recent FIE announcement (here), the BF Board has approved the updated the BFOlympic Nomination and Zonal Selection Policy-Approved 10.02.2021 which was adjusted to reflect the new dates:

  1. The date which marks the end of the FIE direct qualification process and therefore acts as a key date for the BF nomination and selection process. This date was originally 4th April 2020 and it is now 5th April 2021.
  2. The estimated date of the BOA DRM meeting – changed from 6 July 2020 to 6 July 2021.

In addition the document has an updated link to the official FIE/IOC final qualification system (here).

The document also contains the selection policy for the European Zone Qualifying Competition which sets out the criteria under which selection will be made. Other than the date change covered in 1. above, there are no changes to this selection policy.

All changes in the document are marked in yellow.

Any athlete expecting to be considered for selection (for the European Zone Qualifying Competition) or nomination (for the Olympics) is strongly encouraged to re-read this policy. If they have not already done so they are also invited to contact Johnny Davis [email protected] to confirm understanding of their current position in respect of the selection and nomination criteria contained in the document.

Please note that if the dates of the final FIE direct qualification period competitions are changed, the dates in this document will be further updated accordingly.


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