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Advance summary of the statute and rules changes approved at the FIE Congress on the 25th November 2023, coming into effect on the 1st January 2024.

The FIE Congress took place in Sharm El Sheikh on 25th November 2023. The following is a summary of the proposals passed. Confirmation of the final updates/text to the rules and statutes will be published on the FIE website here.

The Rules proposals passed include those to:

  • Intentional dropping of the weapon during the bout to be added to the second group of penalties (1st offence = red card). t56, t170
  • To confirm the recent urgent decision (already in effect) to replace the handshake with the fencer’s salute – Before the beginning and at the end of a bout, the two fencers must perform the fencer’s salute to their opponent, to the referee and to the spectators. whilst standing on their on-guard line.
  • To confirm the recent urgent decision (already in effect) in relation to sponsorship logos – If a federation and/or a fencer have signed a sponsorship contract with a commercial or other company, the logo of that sponsorship partner may be fixed at a rate of maximum of 3 logos, with a maximum area of 85 cm2 each;
    In foil and epee: at the top of the sleeve of the non-sword arm of the fencing jacket; in sabre: at the top of the thigh of the non-sword side of the fencing breeches and clearly separated from the national logo. p12.2
  • Award FIE points to teams placed between 33rd and 64th  (4 points). o.109
  • Define the rest time between two matches per team (10 mins). o.99
  • Provide clarification on rankings – applicable scale and team rolling rankings and point replacement o.108, o.109
  • Increase gender equity/representation in Organising Committees, Directoire Technique and FIE Delegate Designations at World Championships o.16, o.18, o.25
  • Require Zonal Championships to be equipped with video refereeing from L32 (over 4 or 8 pistes) o.105


A number of updates to the statutes were passed including those to:

  • Allow candidates for commissions and the Ethics Committee to attend Elective Congresses.
  • Refine the conditions for candidates for election to various FIE Commissions including Medical, Legal, Promotions, Refereeing, SEMI.
  • Increase the number of elected athletes on the Athletes Commission in relation to the number of nominated athletes (IOC guideline) – to be adopted for 2025 elections
  • Bring the number of members of Ethics Committee into line with the Commissions (10).
  • Extend Safeguarding recommendations to Member Federations and Confederations develop and implement similar policies and procedures to safeguard and promote the welfare of all participants in fencing activity held under their respective jurisdictions
  • Require at least one person to be appointed as a Safeguarding Officer at each Zonal Championship and require all safeguarding reports which are not resolved through mediation to be reported to the FIE.


British Fencing had the following representatives present:

  • Hilary Philbin – BF President & First Delegate, FIE Fair Play Council
  • Peter Jacobs – FIE Legal Commission and FIE Member of Honour
  • Janet Huggins – FIE SEMI Commission
  • Georgina Usher – President of FIE Women and Fencing Council, BF CEO
  • Pat Aiyenuro – BF Second Delegate


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