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Includes – change to passivity rule, change of multipliers for zonal events and 40+ category to be included in Veteran World Championships from 2025.

The FIE Congress took place in Lausanne on 26th November 2022 and updates to the rules and statutes can be found on the FIE website here. The following is a summary of the key decisions:

  1. t.124 (change) Passivity/unwillingness to fence – in summary a) there is only 1 P-red awarded before moving to P-black and b) BOTH fencers receive the warning irrespective of score.
  2. FIE ranking point multiplier has changed from 1 to 1.5 for zonal championships  o.108.2 c)
  3. Veteran World Championships will pilot including over 40s in 2025 which will also result in a change team event format to 45 hit relay.
  4. Urgent decision #2 means that there will be 8 Junior World Cup team events next season – this likely means that all Junior World Cups will have team events attached
  5. t.56 – 10. (addition) Hit made during or after a fall must be annulled
  6. P16 t.121.2 (change) “All bouts must preserve the character of a courteous and frank encounter. All irregular actions (fleche attack which finishes with a collision jostling the opponent, disorderly fencing, irregular movements on the piste, hits achieved with violence, blows struck with the guard, an intentional fall down to avoid the touch) or anti-sporting behaviour are strictly forbidden (cf. t.158-162, t.170). Should such an offence occur, any hit scored by the fencer at fault is annulled.” 
  7. 2024 Cadet and Junior Worlds will be in Saudi Arabia – likely a week later than usual to avoid Ramadan so starting around 13th April.
  8. The decision on participation of Russian and Belarussian athletes has been postponed to an extraordinary online congress scheduled for 10th March  2023 (prior to the start of the Paris 2024 qualification period).


British Fencing had the following representatives present:

  • Hilary Philbin – BF President & First Delegate, FIE Fair Play Council
  • Peter Jacobs – FIE Legal Commission and FIE Member of Honour
  • Janet Huggins – FIE SEMI Commission
  • Georgina Usher – President of FIE Women and Fencing Council, BF CEO
  • Pat Aiyenuro – BF Second Delegate


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