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The following notice is posted on behalf of DUELLIST:


Duellist Fencing Product Recall Statement

NAME OF PRODUCTS 350n Clothing


Dear Duellist Customers

It has regrettably come to our attention that items of the Duellist 350n ‘Classic’ and ‘Evo’ range of clothing transferred over to us by the owners of Duellist* fail to meet current 350n CE standards. As part of our agreement with Duellist International ltd to manage the future of the brand, we have been clearing the existing ranges of Duellist stock on their behalf, and we accepted on good faith their and the manufacturers written assurance that the small amount of remaining clothing stock met the 350n standard. A recent test by Leon Paul, and subsequent in depth testing by ourselves at one of the FIE approved test houses has shown that garments sourced from one of Duellist’s Chinese suppliers does not meet the 350n standard.

This is a matter of grave concern to us, the safety of fencers, and the quality of our products are paramount to the brand and all those involved in it, and as such we are immediately withdrawing from sale all items of 350n clothing sourced from China (Jackets/Breeches and plastrons). In addition we will be offering full refunds or exchanges to any fencers who have purchased 350n Chinese kit from ourselves since February 2011 (the Chinese sourced range contains inner wash labels in English, the French sourced range is in French), for those who bought their Duellist clothing prior to February 2011 please contact Duellist International Ltd directly on [email protected].

While we have absolutely no evidence to suggest that the 350n ranges of Duellist clothing is in anyway dangerous, or has led to injuries of any kind during the period we or Duellist International Ltd have been selling them, we would still urge all those who purchased kit from ourselves since Feb 2011 to accept a refund or exchange. We will be emailing all those affected since Feb 2011 over the coming days to resolve the situation 

We stress that no other items of the range are affected by this, all 800n kit meets the required standards, and 350n kit in the classic and Evolution ranges sourced from France greatly exceeds the requirements (481n average). 

We will be issuing further statements in the near future as we look to resolve this situation as a matter of urgency, and I personally apologise to everybody who has been affected by this. 

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me regarding this matter.


Yours Sincerely

Alp Orge

(Brand Manager Duellist Fencing)

To view the web notice directly, please go to: http://www.duellistfencing.com/news-1.html

*Fitmay Fashions Ltd (Tempest) took over the sales and administration (but not ownership) of the Duellist Fencing Brand from Feb 2011. The ownership of the Duellist Brand remains with Duellist International Ltd and all products sold prior to that date are the sole responsibility of Duellist International Ltd


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