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British Fencing today received a request from the FIE to nominate up to 4 foil coaches (from which 1 will be selected by the FIE), to attend a foil coaching course from 17th Nov- 14th December.
Full details can be found in the following attachments, the deadline for British Fencing to submit applications to the FIE is 4th November.
If you wish British Fencing to put your name forward please send your fully completed FIE application form to British Fencing ([email protected]) by 2nd November. If BF receive more than four nominations we will select on 3rd November. Four candidates will then be proposed to the FIE and we assume that they will notify British Fencing shortly after the deadline date on 4th November. You must be a British Fencing registered coach.
Candidates must also complete the BF application form (here), which includes a summary of their coaching experience, their current activity, and their goals in attending the course.
In the event that we receive more than 4 applications, candidates will be selected based on the information they provide on the form.
This information will also be passed to the FIE.
We apologise for the lack of information – but have taken the decision to make what we do have available to our members in the hope that we have coaches able to take up this opportunity.

BF Application Form

FIE Application Form

Invitation from FIE to BF 

October 27, 2014

Herewith we would like to introduce a particular initiative that is conventionally named Club Movement Project (CMP), or Club Movement Initiative (CMI) and is run by the International Fencing Federation (FIE) with support from the International Charity Foundation “For the Future of Fencing”.

The main purpose of the CMP/CMI is to generate the boost enabling to reconfigure the existing development system and take it to a completely different level.

One of its strategic goals is to identify the most prominent “fencing locations”,  and  use  them  as  a “leverage” to facilitate the development of certified high-quality fencing professionals.

We have studied the infrastructure and the best coaching and training practices of the leading National Federations and identified several clubs/locations to integrate them into a newly created global network that will provide effective knowledge management and transfer thereof.

The team running the project includes the group of FIE Sport  Department  specialists  (Director  –  Dr. Krisztian Kulcsar) and the CMP/CMI Coordinator (Mr. Rodion Plitukhin).

You are invited to nominate up to 4 (four) foil coaches, out of which we will select 1 (one) coach to participate in the first edition of coaching courses. Flight, visa, transfers, full board are to be covered by the FIE. Considering the extreme shortage of time until the course, you are kindly requested to provide your feedback as soon as possible.

Instructions received by BF


The FIE Staff is accompanying you during the application process to ensure the participation of your coach to the training camp. Please help us to assist you, respecting the following instructions. Your cooperation and your attention are demanded in order to avoid delays in the organization that might result in a cancellation of the present invitation.

Respect the deadline: DEADLINE deadlines are set to allow a smooth running of the operational work. We are working under the limited time conditions and have to deal with dozens of coaches and coordinate flights, accommodation and transfer. That requires technical time. We appreciate that you take that into consideration for a timely application as a sign of respect for our work.
  Please send us the following documents :

  1. Letter requesting participation of the selected coach, containing name, family name and full adress. The file, regardless of the format (pdf, word, jpeg,…) has to be named as follows : FAMILY NAME _Country
  2. Valid passport scan. Named as follows : FAMILY NAME_PASSPORT NO. Country. For coaches having more passports, make sure that you send us the copy of the passport that will be used for the trip. Please avoid doubling the workload for the people that have to provide you with the invitation letter (when may be needed).
  3. Application form that you will find in attachment, duly filled, named as follows : FAMILY NAME_application form_Country

 DO NOT BUY THE TICKET BY YOURSELF. The official FIE Travel agency will contact you with an itinerary proposal. Check it carefully (return date, transit visa, in case, etc) and confirm it within 24 hours. Tickets purchased without the previous agreement of FIE will not be refunded.
 Make sure that the selected coach joins the training course from the very first day.

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