22/12/2023- Cardiff World Cup 2024


As part of BF’s commitment to support spectators’ experience at the World Cup in Cardiff, a short video has been produced to provide visitors with knowledge of both the venue and the sport.

The video has been produced in partnership with UK Sport, ParalympicsGB, Run Communications and Community Integrated Care, a group of expert partners who have been supporting BF in making the Wheelchair Fencing World Cup accessible for all.

The video provides attendees the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of what to expect, as for many it will be their first time visiting the venue and a fencing competition. By sharing information such as parking, access to the venue, cafe facilities and toilets, along with the sounds and noises that someone can expect to hear and see, we hope that people will feel prepared when they attend.

The video is available in both English and Welsh.

There will also be free sensory support packs available to support the enjoyment of spectators who might find the sensory experience of attending live sport challenging. These packs have been created with the support of experts by experience at the social care charity Community Integrated Care, who have shared their insights on simple aids that can reduce the impacts of noise, promote self-regulation and reduce anxiety.

Further written information can be found on the event webpage to support you with your visit. A spectator map is also available to view and download ahead of or during the event.

Wheelchair fencing is a very fast and exciting sport to watch, and we know that for many people, Cardiff 2024 will be the first time that they experience it. The events team welcome any questions that people might have, and you can get in touch with us at [email protected].


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