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As we celebrate Volunteers Week 2023, take a look at volunteer roles available at BF events, with a look ahead to upcoming events.

At BF, our portfolio of National Championships and international events simply could not happen without the support and expertise by members of the fencing community who volunteer at events.

If you have been to a BF event, you may have seen some of our amazing volunteers throughout the weekend. This article takes a deep dive into the wide variety of roles within an event.

Field of Play Team

This role involves supporting the field of play lead in the smooth running of the event, including dealing with any problems/queries on the field of play during the day and liaising with DT and the medical team.

You may have seen our field of play team in their high vis jackets at events. They are the first port of call for any questions on the event for queries such as assisting fencers with direction to their piste and relaying important messages from the field of play to the DT and Medical Teams.


This role involves working as a team of armourers to ensure that the equipment on the field of play in maintained throughout the event, attending FoP equipment issues.

Our armoury team may also be on hand to answer any queries regarding personal kit and can be seen to give demonstrations on how to test your own weapons and kit for beginner fencers at events such as the BYCs (British Youth Championships).

DT Team

This role involves supporting the head of DT in the running of the competition, including operation of the computer software, inputting results and plating up the next round of bouts to go out to the referees!

At BF events, the DT team often comprises of members who have had experience of DT in international and domestic major events!

Media Team

Being on our media team covers a variety of roles, including event photographers, social media content creators, camera operators, commentators, directors and producers!

Working within the media team is often a varied role, to support the event media lead with content, live-streaming and interviews throughout the event.

Piste Side Team

For wheelchair events, our piste side team are crucial to the smooth running of the competition. The team assist with the movement of frames and equipment, including changing the layout of frames for Left/Right Handed fencers and assisting the referee with checking the distance between fencers before a bout.

Accreditation Team

This role involves working alongside the BF head of accreditation to issue accreditation during the competition and to check accreditation when entering the field of play.

Check In/Help Desk

This role involves helping and assisting with any queries coming in from fencers/parents/spectators throughout the event.


Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities

British Para Fencing National Championships 15-16th July 2023

Cadet and Junior National Championships 2023 – 16-17th September 2023

Wheelchair Fencing World Cup, Cardiff – 11-15th January 2024


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