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BF Para Fencing Manager Maggie Maynard reports on the recent Para Fencing World Cup, which took place in Warsaw, Poland.

Fencing started on 6th July at 9am with Men’s Epee Cat A. Piers Gilliver, Oliver Lam-Watson and Joshua Waddell fenced. Joshua was 24th, and Oliver was 25th. Piers won GOLD.

Piers wins Gold (Photo: Yuka Fujita)


At 1pm, the Men’s Epee Cat B began with Dimitri Coutya. Dimitri won BRONZE.

Dimitri wins Bronze (Photo: Yuka Fujita)


At 1.30pm, the Woman’s Sabre Cat A started with Gemma Collis, who had a bye, and Susanne Seddon-Cowell. Susanne was 23rd, and Gemma won BRONZE. A great start for GBR!

Gemma wins Bronze


On 7th July at 9am, the Women’s Foil Cat A started with Emily Holder. Emily came 23rd. At the same time, the Men’s Sabre Cat B started with Dimitri Coutya and Shah Rashid. Shah came 14th, and Dimitri was 16th.

At 1pm, the Women’s Foil Cat B started, with Justine Moore. Justine came 12th.

At the same time, the Men’s Sabre Cat A started. Piers Gilliver and James Burke fenced. This was Jame’s first ever World Cup, and he had prepared well despite some recent setbacks. He was very keen to learn from the experience. In the poule, he won his first fight and earned a DE. He was placed 36th. By virtue of his ranking, Piers had a bye through the poules and finally won GOLD.

On the 8th July, the fencing started at 8am. First to take place was the Men’s Foil Cat A with Oliver Lam-Watson, who had a bye, and Joshua Waddell. Oliver was placed 20th, and Joshua 29th.

At the same time, the Women’s Epee Cat B started with Justine Moore. She was placed 24th.

At 12 noon, the Men’s Foil Cat B began with Dimitri and Shah. Dimitri was 5th, and Shah 31st.

At 1.30pm, the Woman’s Epee Cat A started. Gemma had a bye, and Emily and Susanne fenced the poules. Gemma was placed 9th, Emily 30th and Susanne 31st.

Sunday was team day! Staring at 9am, the Women’s Epee Team event started. The team was Gemma, Justine, Emily and Susanne. GBR met KOR in the first match. Due to a misunderstanding, Susanne was put in to fence in this match, despite lack of preparation. The team fought hard, but was defeated 33-45.

The next match was against KUW – the first time a KUW women’s team had taken part in a World Cup team event. The final result was 45-7, and the GBR team was friendly and supportive towards the KUW women.

The final match was to decide 9th/10th place. This was against ITA. Gemma was reserve in this match, and the final result was 38 – 45 to ITA. GBR therefore finished 10th.

The Men’s Foil Team of Piers, Dimitri, Oliver and Joshua started with the GBR team having a bye to the Last 16, where they met HKG. The result was 45 – 32. In the Last 8, GBR met GER. A comfortable win, 45 – 27, took the GBR team into the Last 4. In the semi-final, GBR met CHN. A tough match, GBR lost 32 – 45.  The Bronze medal match was against HUN. The score was 45 – 38, so GBR gained the BRONZE medal.


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