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Welfare Officer Community Discussion Event 14th July – Registration Open Now

BF’s next Welfare Officer Community Discussion Event is happening on the 14th July. All registration information has been sent out to Welfare Officers.

Make sure your club knows the latest information on all things Welfare. Registration information is currently in all Welfare Officer inboxes so sign up now ready for next week.

These events are for our community to shape so get involved and let us know what would be of help to you. If you have any topics you’d like to be covered in this or future events please let us know via the sign up form.

Club Admins ensure your club is always kept in the loop by checking that all your club information and contact details are up to date on the sport80 platform, follow this 5 minute step by step guide.

The last session on the 8th March saw a lot of officers engage on a variety of topics including;

Code of Conducts

Many BF clubs are taking the opportunity as members return to reintroduce and update their working Codes of Conducts. Having members commit to a set of standards allows clubs to continue to run sessions safely and ensure an enjoyable fencing environment for all.

A great practice is to get club participants to work together to write elements of the Code of Conducts, this ensures that all views are represented and will encourage positive adoption.


New BF Safeguarding Structure

BF & EF have agreed on a new structure to improve safeguarding support in fencing in England. This sees the responsibility for managing the delivery of safeguarding services in the Regions move from Regional Committees to British Fencing.

Safeguarding in England will be split into five areas (NW, NE, Midlands, SE and SW) each with its own Area Safeguarding Officer (ASO). Each ASO will take responsibility for 2 or 3 regions and will be supported by at least one Deputy Area Safeguarding Officer (DASO). All these roles are voluntary and report to the BF Lead Safeguarding Officer.

Where a Region has an existing qualified, active Regional Welfare Officers BF will be looking to support them to continue in their role with that Region, either as an ASO or DASO.


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