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Sheppard finishes 20th at Grand Prix in Gdansk

All three of the men’s GB senior squad were in action this weekend with World Cups in Paris (Epee), Bonn (Foil) and Moscow (Sabre).  The women’s sabre squad joined the men in Moscow for a Grand Prix.

Men’s Epee World Cup – Paris

The Paris Men’s Epee World Cup field of 280 fencers included ten from Great Britain.  Allen (V1D5), Firth (V0D5), Gregory (V1D5), Lane (V2D4) and Tannock (V1D5) were cut after the first round.  The remaining fencers – Bennett (V5D1), Henderson (V3D3), Marsh (V3D3), Perry (V3D3) and Willis (V3D2) – made it through to the preliminary knockout stage, where winning three fights was the requirement to make the second day and the round of 64.

Bennett was rewarded with a bye through the first fights for his efforts in the first round.  Marsh beat Hirano (JPN) 15-7 and Willis beat Zia (CHN) 15-12 but Henderson fell 15-8 to Lahtinen (FIN) and Perry lost to Rami (MAR) 15-7.  In the second preliminary knockout Marsh lost to Rosello (SPN) 15-9 but Bennett and Willis progressed beating Staszak (POL) 15-7 and Ambroz (CZE) 12-9 respectively.  Sadly they both fell at the next stage; Bennett falling to Tourchine (RUS) 15-11 and Willis losing to An (KOR) 15-12.

The event was won by Confalonieri (ITA) who beat Kauter (SUI) 15-12 in the final.  The bronze medals went to Alexanin (KAZ) and Pizzzo (ITA).

Great Britain did not enter the team event on Sunday that was won by France.  They beat Italy 45-36 on home soil.  Switzerland beat USA 26-25 to take third place.

GB individual placings:  Bennett 66th, Willis 87th, Marsh 145th, Perry 170th, Henderson 188th, Lane 224th, Tannock 234th, Allen 244th, Gregory 245th and Firth 273rd.

Full Individual Results Here

Full Team Results Here

Men’s Foil World Cup – Bonn

Nine British fencers headed to Germany to join a field of 204 at the World Cup in Bonn.  Jefferies (V2D4) did not survive the poules stages but Kenber (V5D1) and Rosowsky (V5D1) received byes to the round of 64.  The remaining British fencers – Cook (V3D3), Davis (V2D4), Kruse (V5D1), Mepstead (V4D2), Peggs (V5D1) and Tofalides (V4D2) – had to tackle a two-stage preliminary knockout to make the second day.  Peggs and Tofalides lost to Drobyshev (RUS) 15-13 and Telnykh (UKR) 15-14 at the first stage but Cook beat Gustinelli (GER) 13-12, Davis beat Cheung (HKG) 15-12, Kruse beat Teixeira (POR) 15-5 and Mepstead beat Anen (LUX) 15-5 to make it through.  Only Davis was able to join Kenber and Rosowsky on the second day.  He beat Majewski (POL) 15-9 whilst Cook lost to Meinhardt (USA) 15-5, Kruse to Jorgensen (DEN) 15-10 and Mepstead to Miyake (JPN) 15-12.

All three British fencers were unable to progress any further.  Davis lost to Le Pechoux (FRA) 15-11, Kenber lost 15-12 to Joubert (FRA) and Rosowsky fell 15-12 to Zawada (POL).

The event was won by Sedov (RUS) who beat Joppich (GER) 15-13 in a close final.  The bronze medals went to Baldini (ITA) and Hertsyk (UKR).

In the team event Great Britain (Davis, Kenber, Kruse, Rosowsky) had a bye through the round of 32 but then lost to the USA 45-41 in a very tight fight.  In the placing matches they beat Israel 45-26, Egypt 45-30 and Ukraine 45-27 to earn 9th place.  Germany beat Italy 45-40 to take the gold medal whilst Japan edged to a close victory (43-42) over China to take the bronze.

GB individual placings:  Rosowsky 40th, Kenber 41st, Davis 64th, Kruse 67th, Mepstead 82nd, Cook 89th, Peggs 98th, Tofalides 103rd and Jefferies 160th.

Full Individual Results Here

Full Team Results Here

Men’s Sabre World Cup – Moscow

Twelve British fencers joined a field of 170 at the Moscow World Cup, seven not making the first round cut – Anthony Crutchett (V0D6), Hutchison (V1D4), Rahimi (V1D4), Ratneswaren (V1D5), Rocks (V1D5), Sancroft (V2D4) and Ward (V1D5).  In the two stage preliminary knockout Alex Crutchett, Honeybone and O’Connell all received byes through the first fight whilst Clarke narrowly beat Ershov (RUS) 15-14.  Motterhead lost to Spear (USA) 15-8.  Only O’Connell made it through to the round of 64, comfortably beating Magraze (GEO) 15-4.  Clarke went out 15-6 to Hartung (GER), Alex Crutchett lost 15-9 to Marti (SPN) and Honeybone fell to Szabo (GER) 15-8.

In the round of 64 O’Connell faced world number three, Montano (ITA) and lost 15-4.  He finished up in 27th place.  The event was won by Kovalev (RUS) who beat Pillet (FRA) 15-8 in the final.  Skrodski (POL) and Lopez (FRA) took the bronze medals.

In the team event Great Britain (Clarke, Alex Crutchett, Honeybone, O’Connell) lost 45-40 to Poland in the round of 32.  China won the gold medal in another exciting match against Russia – 45-44.  The USA beat Belarus 45-41 to take the bronze medal.

GB individual placings:  O’Connell 27th, Alex Crutchett 74th, Honeybone 75th, Clarke 90th, Mottershead 107th, Sancroft 128th, Rahimi 132nd, Hutchison 134th, Ratneswaren 145th, Ward 148th, Rocks 149th, Anthony Crutchett 155th.  

Full Individual Results Here

Full Team Results Here

Women’s Sabre Grand Prix – Moscow

Seven British women joined the men in Moscow for a Sabre Grand Prix where they faced a field of 114 fencers.  Unfortunately Kempe had to withdraw due to injury and we wish her a speedy recovery.  Bilardi, Bond-Williams, Nicoll, Williams (all V3D3) and Hutchison (V4D2) all made the cut but Watson (V1D5) did not.  In the single stage preliminary knockout Bilardi lost 15-7 to Hamada (JPN), Bond-Willams fell 15-4 to Bunyatova (AZE) and Nicoll went out 15011 to Kiraynova (RUS) but Hutchison beat Tamaura (JPN) 15-10 and Williams beat Nakayama (JPN) 15-14 to make the round of 64.  Both were knocked out at that stage with Hutchison narrowly losing 15-14 to Ozolina (RUS) and Williams going out 15-2 to world number 6, Kim (KOR).

The event was won by Velikaia (RUS) who beat Chen (CHN) 15-13.  The bronze medals went to Kharlan (UKR) and Zagunis (USA)

GB placings:  Hutchison 49th, Willliams 59th, Bilardi 69th, Bond-Williams 74th, Nicoll 76th, Watson 100th and Kempe (scratched).

Full Individual Results Here

Next up on the circuit is the Women’s Epee World Cup in St Maur and the Women’s Foil World Cup in Budapest.  This will conclude the qualification

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