11/08/2015- Latest News

We have had a great response to our request for volunteers to join our Youth Panel that we are setting up this year. This will be made up of representatives from our U23 GB athletes across all 3 weapons who will be tasked with making sure that British Fencing gets more input from its cadet and junior teams when it is making decisions about their support, resources and funding. This has been rolled out in several other sports with really positive feedback on the impact it has had

The first meeting will be held in October. This will get together all the volunteers who will help create our Youth Charter defining what commitments both British Fencing and the Youth Panel need to make, how it will operate and what you can expect from it

More details will be published following the initial meeting, including the names of the athletes who will be part of the Youth Panel  and how you can ensure that they will represent your views and make your experience an even greater one!

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