02/05/2019- Selection

2019 Senior European Championships Part 1

16th – 22nd June 2019, Dusseldorf, Germany

Website: https://www.madeofsteel2019.de/en/

Applicable Selection Policy: https://www.britishfencing.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/GBR-Senior-Selection-Policy-2018-2019-v2.0-Approved-09.10.2018.pdf


Men’s Sabre:
James Honeybone (Q)
Will Deary (Q)
JJ Webb
Curtis Miller

Women’s Sabre:
Aliya Itzkowitz
Maria Chart
Caitlin Maxwell

Note from selectors: The selection of an athlete in 4th place will be considered after the Moscow Grand Prix (24th-26th May). 

Women’s Epee:
Susan Sica (Q)

Note from selectors: There will be a further selection after the Dubai World Cup (17/18th May) provided that a team participates (see selection policy item 19.)

Men’s Epee:
Elliott Grover (Q)
Phil Marsh (Q)
Harrison Nichols
Paul Sanchez-Lethem

Men’s Foil:
Richard Kruse (Q)
James Davis (Q)
Marcus Mepstead (Q)
Ben Peggs

Women’s Foil:
Kate Beardmore
Yvonne Chart
Katie Smith
Chloe Dickson


Team Manager: Johnny Davis

Sabre Coach: Jon Salfield

Epee Coach: John Rees

Women’s Foil Coach: Alex Beardmore

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