Senior Europeans Championships 2019

Senior European Championships 2019

16th – 22nd June 2019, Dusseldorf, Germany



Applicable Selection Policy:

Invitation letter



Men’s Sabre:
James Honeybone (Q)
Will Deary (Q)
JJ Webb
Curtis Miller

Women’s Sabre:
Aliya Itzkowitz
Maria Chart
Caitlin Maxwell

Note from selectors: The selection of an athlete in 4th place will be considered after the Moscow Grand Prix (24th-26th May). 

Women’s Epee:
Susan Sica (Q)

Note from selectors: There will be a further selection after the Dubai World Cup (17/18th May) provided that a team participates (see selection policy item 19.)

Men’s Epee:
Elliott Grover (Q)
Phil Marsh (Q)
Harrison Nichols
Paul Sanchez-Lethem

Men’s Foil:
Richard Kruse (Q)
James Davis (Q)
Marcus Mepstead (Q)
Ben Peggs

Women’s Foil:
Kate Beardmore
Yvonne Chart
Katie Smith
Chloe Dickson

Any unqualified athlete that declines selection for the team will automatically be de-selected from the individual event.


Next Steps
If you are NOT intending to take up your selection please contact [email protected] cc’ing [email protected] ASAP.

Check that your email address in the BF membership platform is up to date as we will be using this to contact you –

Athletes will be expected to accept selection by following the link in a selection email (which will be sent to them week starting 7th May) by 17/5/2019. They should then log into the BF platform, click on the event and follow the entry process to make payment.

The payment is expected to be approximately £430 which will include 6 nights (twin room accommodation) and individual entry fees. The per athlete entry fee as set by the competition is 130 euros: 60 euros ‘Entry Fee Individual’ plus 70 euros per athlete ‘Referee Fee’ (see page 6 of the invitation letter above). Based on the current number of athletes the B&B cost per person per night ranges from 45-50euros. BF will need to pay collection fees, card transaction and currency conversion fees hence the initial charge of £50 per person per night. If those charges are less athletes will be refunded. Please note that BF are not charging the athletes for any administration.

Sport:80 is not providing any travel services (and there are therefore no associated travel service fees), athletes must arrange all their own travel.

Please check back to this page regularly for information updates.

Team Manager/ Chef de Mission: Johnny Davis (15/6 to 20/6 inc.) & Jon Salfield (21/6 to 23/6 inc.)

GBR Coaches 
Jon Salfield (M&WS)
John Rees (M&WE)
Alex Beardmore (WF)

Authorised Personal Coaches (confirmed so far)
Tullio De Santis
Dan Kellner
Donnie McKenzie
Ziemek Wojciechowski

ALL coaches must abide by the relevant BF policies including –[1].pdf and


Official Tracksuits

Available here –

All athletes will be required to place a National Lottery Logo on the white soft shell jacket which is the minimum official tracksuit requirement.

Athletes may also choose to purchase items from this range:

However, all athletes will be required to place a National Lottery Logo on the red tracksuit top jacket.

BF will provide the logos and advise on the position.


General Information

  • The nominated team hotel will be the Novotel Dusseldorf and rooms have been booked for the squad.
  • Athletes are expected to stay at the nominated GBR hotel.  (Please note that parents/family should not stay at the team hotel.) The approx. cost pppn will be £50 inclusive of breakfast.
  • As a minimum athletes will be expected to check-in to the hotel two nights before they compete and leave the day after their last event.
  • Athletes that wish to book additional nights/rooms for themselves or their personal coaches should do so themselves
  • Athletes should book and pay for their own flights.
  • There are no official transfers available as organisers are expecting all delegations to use the extensive public transport system.
  • Dusseldorf airport is only 6 miles from the city centre and a single train ticket to the city centre is only 3 euros so you may wish to consider public transport options or share a taxi when arriving at the airport which will be between 25 & 30 euros.
  • Entry fees are 130 euros per individual event payable in advance.
  • Team entry fees are 300 euros per team and BF has secured funding so that athletes will not be required to contribute to this cost.
  • Personal Coaches wishing to join the squad must seek authorisation in advance by emailing [email protected].
  • All athletes are required to wear a National Lottery Logo on their breaches, which will be provided by BF and should be placed directly under the GBR Logo. This should remain in place for the World Championships but should be removed prior to the start of the 2019/20 season where the rules about logos will change.
  • Epeeists are required to wear an Epee Club Logo on their non sword arm, which will be provided by BF and should be placed directly under the GBR Logo.



The following costs will be covered:

  • All weapon Team Entry Fees (British Fencing, BF Patrons and Epee Club Charity)
  • Chef de Mission (Aspiration Fund)
  • Soft tissue therapist (Aspiration Fund)
  • Sabre Coach (Aspiration Fund)
  • Epee Coach (Epee Club Charity)
  • Womens Foil Coach (Aspiration Fund) – part contribution

Following feedback from senior athletes, we will not be setting up any BF Charity crowdfunding/donation pages. We will be happy to share donation pages for teams and athletes that set up their own fundraising pages.


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