The following fencers are eligible to claim a bye into the BYCs 2020 as they reached the last 8 in the 2019 competition.

  • Fencers wishing to claim their bye MUST enter their RQE, but do not need to fence
  • Further information regarding the rules of the bye system can be found within the Regional Information Document


U12 Men’s Epee

Tristan Lumineau London
Aleksey Choi London
Ben Kamstra South East
Sameer Sunder-Rajan London
Amani Campbell-Okolo South East
Nicolas Lucas London
Bill Simpson South West
Oskar Nõdiaye London


U12 Men’s Foil

Khalam Contractor Eastern
Ethan Dakin Yorkshire
Nathan Mooney Yorkshire
Henry Stirling London
Raffaele Salvatore Qikuan Fu Giugno North West
David Bishay Eastern
Alfie Bason South West
Arlo Bason South West


U12 Men’s Sabre

Max Charlett North West
Miller Hetherington Scotland Central
Joshua Bryden Scotland Central
Samuel Walmsley North West
William Dunstan South West
Aiden  Garcia-Ghuran Eastern
Jake Bacon North West
Alex Ashley South East


U12 Women’s Epee

Sophia Pickering Eastern
Ffion Shute London
Elise Eden East Midlands
Rebecca Loban South West
Sofia Gerhardt London
Emily Campbell Southern
Emily Leavesley East Midlands
Charlotte Jordan Southern


U12 Women’s Foil

Maddi Beard Eastern
Pearl Milton South West
Rebecca Loban South West
Claire Sosnov London
Kira Grahamslaw North West
Imogen Cook Scotland East
Eugenie Raimbault London
Sofia Di Stefano London


U12 Women’s Sabre

Amelia Blackledge North West
Sophia Milne Scotland Central
Rosie Shaw Scotland Central
Maya Sutton Eastern
Keira Donnelly-Sallows South East
Poppy-Anne Elcock Jersey
Eve Symons Scotland Central
Amy Heath Eastern


U14 Men’s Epee

Alec Brooke London
David Perkins South East
Omari Campbell-Okolo South East
Liam Kew South East
Paul Meyer London
Oleg Shkarovskyy South East
Rhys Jackson Wales
Galeh Ramsey South West


U14 Men’s Foil

Eurig Colville Eastern
David Sosnov London
Dominic Kiss North West
Nye Ulferts-Kilpatrick Scotland East
Callum Penman Scotland East
Li Leo Lim South East
Jaimie Cook Scotland East
Samuelis Savickas South East


U14 Men’s Sabre

Zachary Woodward North West
Henry Martin South East
Thomas Heath Eastern
Ryuki Hiyama West Midlands
Alexander Lister Yorkshire
Samuel Horne South West
Benjamin Croucher West Midlands
Adiy Siddiq South East


U14 Women’s Epee

Rayhana Larbi London
Darcy Herring Johnson Southern
Innas Attellesey South West
Erika Bustnes London
Magnolia Min London
Lauren Ryder-Garcia Eastern
Amelie Russell Wales
Vanessa Lemer London


U14 Women’s Foil

Amelie Tsang South East
Amy Sherratt South East
Nathalie Culkin Eastern
Lauren Tang South West
Lexie Williamson Yorkshire
Sophie Tsang Eastern
Elle Stone Yorkshire
 Zoë Wagstaff Scotland East


U14 Women’s Sabre

Bethany Brierley North West
Ezgi Kocer London
Lexie Craze South West
Thisbe Danford Eastern
Lucie Lindsay London
Lucia Paul Scotland Central
Renne Nassozi-Kiggundu South West
Honor Paul Scotland Central


U16 Men’s Epee

William Ferguson Eastern
Joshua Goh East Midlands
Florin Mirica West Midlands
Edward Scott Payne Southern
Renzo Levi London
Jonathan Thornton Southern
Joseph Walmsley North West
Rudi Bruijn-Yard Southern


U16 Men’s Foil

Dario Stenbeck-Schiavo London
Oliver Strange London
Alexander Brincklow Eastern
Dawood Khan South East
Dylan Daniel Eastern
Wilf Broughton Yorkshire
Maxwell Jones South East
Alberto Mascioli London


U16 Men’s Sabre

Roman Norris South West
Samuel Allen South West
Louis Bedford West Midlands
Ethan Hilton London
Thomas Raut Eastern
Nathan Chortlon North West
Ian Ho Eastern
George Mynors West Midlands


U16 Women’s Epee

Patrycja Krzyzaniak London
Julia Caron London
Imogen Bulman Southern
Ellie Jackson Yorkshire
Abagael Black South West
Eva Reston Southern
Erin Pedler South East
India Wilson West Midlands


U16 Women’s Foil

Lucy-Belle Williamson Yorkshire
India Wilson West Midlands
Amelia Middleton London
Amirah Sofea Scotland East
Bronwen Hyde North West
Olivia O’Connell London
Ellen Buckley Scotland East
Celena Appleby-Prince Southern


U16 Women’s Sabre

Nicole Saunders North West
Bea Abram-Moore South West
Varvara Bayramova South East
Guinevere Kaye South West
Charlotte Wilson-Smith Scotland Central
Amber Smith Eastern
Bridget Belcher North West
Eva Goldie Southern


U18 Men’s Epee

James Jeal Yorkshire
Ethan Kew South East
Dylan Morrison Scotland East
George Yeh South East
Dylan Ballard Wales
Jacob Foulsham South East
Alasdair Moir North West
Steven Macpherson South West


U18 Men’s Foil

Adam Suha North West
Daniel Sigurdsson Northern Ireland
Harry Gray South East
Jay Williams Southern
William Lonsdale Yorkshire
David Williams South West
Caspar Soyoye Southern
Jorge Waterfield South West


U18 Men’s Sabre

Kajetan McDonnell London
Drew Thornley North West
Olympios Gougoulias West Midlands
Alexander Varley Guernsey
Archie Watt West Midlands
Oliver Dickson West Midlands
Lewis Barnes Southern
Jack Preston-Cowell London


U18 Women’s Epee

Rachael Lever East Midlands
Abigail Watkins Wales
Niamh Noble East Midlands
Eleanor Taylor Eastern
Elizabeth Coakley East Midlands
Alex Stewart Scotland Central
Amelia Dudley South East
Constance Simmonds Southern


U18 Women’s Foil

Teagan Williams-Stewart Eastern
Holly Thompson Eastern
Amy Home North West
Georgina Silk South East
Hannah Smyth Eastern
Phoebe Dolan Eastern
Rachel Jones North West
Jade Meyer South West


U18 Women’s Sabre

Erin Cocoran Wales
Alex Clement Wales
Emily Jenkins West Midlands
Stephanie Elizabeth Phennah Wales
Ellen Robbins Wilkinson North West
Kaya Smith Eastern
Rachael Lever East Midlands
Georgia Owen South East




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