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2022-23 BF Working Group Reports

Reports from Environmental Sustainability Working Group. This article forms part of a series of reports which accompanies the 2022-23 BF Annual Report.

Environmental and Sustainability Working Group

The group was set up in December 2022

Founding Members:    Liz Anderson, Tabatha Barton, Neil Brown, Luke Deamer , Clare Halsted, Nicola Murphy, Caryl Oliver, David Worsfold

The current focus of the group is to produce an Action Plan to comply with British Fencing’s Environmental/ Sustainability Policy and UK Sport requirements

Meetings were held online every 1-2 months with communication by email in between.

Actions included:

  • BASIS Sustainable Sport Conference – DW attended on behalf of BF and reported back
  • Sword Article Published – Towards Sustainable Fencing (DW)
  • CH attended  UK Sport’s Environmental Sustainability Strategy Webinar

Clare Halsted, Chair

More information on the Work Group can be found here.


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