Purpose of Group – To support the work of the Executive Team as they implement British Fencing’s Environmental Sustainability Policy.


  • Oversee implementation of the Environmental Sustainability Policy – through contributing to the creation and management of an Environmental Sustainability Plan
  • Advise on improvements to the BF Environmental Sustainability Policy
    Promote and support education, training and the dissemination of information to the fencing community to help reduce the impact of fencing activities on the environment
  • Provide a forum for discussion and communication between members of the Fencing community with an interest in environmental sustainability
  • Ensure BF demonstrates consistency and best practice in relation to environmental sustainability


Members (and their relevant areas of interest)

  • Clare Halsted: Group Coordinator – Member of FIE Environmental work group, Doctors for XR and Champions for Earth; British Fencing Chief Medical Officer
  • Liz Anderson: Scottish Fencing  Operations Manager – Making  events more sustainable
  • Tabatha Barton: British Fencing Board  – Advocate  raising awareness of the dangers of fast fashion
  • Neil Brown: British Fencing project officer. Long time environmentalist, volunteer work for charity Zero Carbon World
  • Luke Deamer: FIE Referee and EF Lead Referee – finishing a PhD in company sustainability; Group Sustainability Manager for a global construction company and represents  UK on multiple European-based trade association sustainability working groups.
  • Marcus Mepstead: 2020 Olympic fencer, environmental advocate, IOC Sustainable Travel award winner, volunteer work for charity Trees For The Future
  • Nicola Murphy: Northern Ireland Fencing Board Director – Background in Sustainable Energy Communities; currently writing her thesis on offshore wind farms, energy justice, and community benefits
  • Caryl Oliver: England Fencing Acting President and President of European Veterans Fencing; sustainable clothing
  • John Rees: Welsh Fencing  Board Director and National epee coach for Wales
  • David Worsfold: Freelance journalist – writing about green finance, sustainable investment, fossil fuels, renewable energy and green transition for businesses; also daily coverage of COP26 and COP27 so familiar with top-level policies.


British Fencing Exec Support

  • Georgina Usher, British Fencing CEO
  • Virginia Bailey, British Fencing Participation Director


The group is currently working on a strategy so members are very welcome to contribute ideas or give examples of effective actions.  Send to  [email protected].



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