2022 Membership Prices

From 1st January 2022, as announced at the AGM, 9th October 2021.

Please note: Membership prices have not increased in line with inflation in 2022 and will remain as 2021 membership prices.

Membership Category Discounted Auto-Renewal Full Price   
Adult Compete £54.00 £60.00
Under 20 Compete £40.05 £44.50
Under 14 Compete £31.05 £34.50
Recreational 18+ £27.45 £30.50
Recreational Under 18 £17.55 £19.50
Starter 18+ £17.55 £19.50
Starter Under 18 £11.70 £13.00
Supporter 18+ £13.95 £15.50
Supporter Under 18 £10.80 £12.00
Introduction Free Free


PLEASE NOTE: All membership payments made are non-refundable. Membership operates on a rolling basis and late payment of renewals will be back-dated to the original renewal date of your membership.

If you wish to cancel a membership and you have selected to pay via Auto-Renewal or Direct Debit, it is your responsibility as the bill payer to make the cancellation before your next renewal date.  You can do this from within your membership profile by accessing the membership form and clicking ‘Cancel Auto-Renewal’.

If you need help cancelling your auto-renewal prior to the renewal date, please click on support within the membership platform and contact us.

If you select the discounted auto-renewal rate and then cancel within 12 month period you will be liable for the additional 10% fee.

2021 Membership Prices


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