2023-2024 International Results – Raw Data

This page tracks the 203-24 International results. For prior year data sets please use the links at the bottom of the page.

Each set of data collates by athlete:

  • the event details
  • number of poule fights
  • hits scored in poules
  • hits received in poules
  • poule result indicator (hits scored minus hits received)
  • number of 1 point losses (eg 5-4)
  • whether the athletes was promoted to the direct elimination (DE) stage whether they received a bye
  • the number of DE fights they fenced
  • the number they won
  • the resultant % DE bout wins
  • the final DE score.

Athletes representing GBR can personally submit this data to BF after they compete using an online form (if you are an athlete and do not have the link please click the  Result Submission Form to request it is sent to you).

Athletes have the chance to submit their performance data along with their personal comments. These comments won’t be published, but the selectors will consider them. The GBR Pathway Coaches review the comments and use them to support athletes in updating and actioning their IDPs.

The colours indicate the % finishing position range, which can be cross-referenced with BF Pathway Standards and the standards set out in the GBR Selection Policy and used as indicators for season planning.

  • Gold = top 8%
  • Yellow = >8% to 16%
  • Green = >16% to 40%
  • Blue = >40% to 70%
  • Light Red =>70%
  • Dark Red = no poule victories

The patterns of results can be used to indicate the appropriateness of the competition to the fencer development stage.

Athletes, coaches, and parents can use different metrics and indicators derived from this data to evaluate their performance. Other selection indicators can also be determined, such as the average % finish of the best three performances in relevant nominated events and the indicative single-season or multi-season trajectory. We aim to release more of this data over time to help athletes make informed decisions and facilitate productive discussions.

GBR Pathway Coaches will provide training sessions to athletes and coaches (particularly those in T1-T2) to help them understand how to manage and analyse their data and use this to inform their personal decisions about competition selection.

BF has published data and allowed athletes to review and correct any errors found in publicly available resources.


Data Sets

As a reminder, all this data is available publicly and taken from online results published by the FIE and EFC through their websites and website such as fencingtimelive and engarde-service.

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