08/11/2022- Membership

2023 Membership Prices

Following three years of static fees, membership prices will rise from 1st January 2023, an average of 5.3%, less than the rate of inflation.

During Covid, membership prices were held at 2020 levels for 2021 and 2022. The compound inflation over this period was over 5.6%. In July 2022 the annual inflation rate was 8.8% and rising.

Rising supplier costs continue to impact the core membership operations of BF and post pandemic the strategy of increasing membership fees in line with annual inflation will be returned to over time.

In light of this it was agreed to increase 2023 membership prices by an average of 5.3%, with compete membership categories increasing by 7.8%.

This was announced at the 2022 AGM following approval by the Home Nations (40% of the BF membership fees go to the affiliated Home Nation).


2020 Discounted
Auto Renewal
2020 Full Price   
2023 Discounted
Auto Renewal
2023 Full Price   
Adult Compete £54.00 £60.00 £58.50 £65.00
Under 20 Compete £40.05 £44.50 £43.20 £48.00
Under 14 Compete £31.05 £34.50 £33.30 £37.00
Recreational 18+ £27.45 £30.50 £29.25 £32.50
Recreational Under 18 £17.55 £19.50 £18.45 £20.50
Starter 18+ £17.55 £19.50 £18.45 £20.50
Starter Under 18 £11.70 £13.00 £12.15 £13.50
Supporter 18+ £13.95 £15.50 £14.40 £16.00
Supporter Under 18 £10.80 £12.00 £10.80 £12.00
Introduction Free Free Free Free


Recognising the impact of cost of living, BF will continue to highlight cost savings that can be made through membership benefits. One example is the opportunity to reduce supermarket bills, receive cashback, and save up to 80% with offers on household items, clothing, travel and purchases through BF Perks, a benefit available for all members. More information here.

For more information about BF membership and it’s benefits please click here.


PLEASE NOTE: All membership payments made are non-refundable. Membership operates on a rolling basis and late payment of renewals will be back-dated to the original renewal date of your membership.

If you wish to cancel a membership and you have selected to pay via Auto-Renewal or Direct Debit, it is your responsibility as the bill payer to make the cancellation before your next renewal date.  You can do this from within your membership profile by accessing the membership form and clicking ‘Cancel Auto-Renewal’.

If you need help cancelling your auto-renewal prior to the renewal date, please click on support within the membership platform.

For more information on the Terms and Conditions of Membership please click here.

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