The Audit, Governance and Risk Committee (AGRC) is a Board Committee.

Terms of Reference

Committee Terms of Reference – last reviewed and re-approved by Board – June 2023



  • oversight on the Board’s behalf of the audit process, including necessary liaison with the CEO/executive and with auditors
  • monitoring BF’s governance including liaison with CEO/executive and partners on governance audits and advice on necessary actions
  • creating, managing and monitoring a Risk Register for BF on the Board’s behalf


Committee Members

Jade Clarke (Chair of AGRC and Elected Director)
Tommy Curran Jones (Elected Director)
Mark Lyttle (Chair of Board)
John Troiano (Elected Director)

Georgina Usher (CEO)
David Moseley (Finance Director)
Milind Pradhan (England Fencing Finance Director)


Meeting Dates

Meetings will typically be held online at 10am, one week before the BF Board meeting.

2024 AGRC Meeting Dates (Wednesdays)
6 March, 12 June, 4 September and 13 November,

2023 AGRC Meeting Dates (Wednesdays)
8th March, 14th June, 6th September, 15th November

2022 AGRC Meeting Dates (Tuesdays)
16th February (Interim), 8th March, 14th June, 6th September, 15th November



Members of the AGRC are expected to have relevant financial competence or qualifications. These will be reviewed by NomCom (on behalf of the Board) at the time of appointment of the Director to the committee with reference to the Board Skills Matrix.





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