Honours Committee

The Honours Committee is a BF Standing Committee

Terms of Reference

Committee Terms of Reference


  • establish and manage a robust and transparent system for the annual nomination and recommendation of recipients of BF awards
  • make recommendations for other fencing-based awards, both nationally and internationally, as requested
  • ensure that good communications are in place to encourage a broad cross-section of nominations from the BF membership
  • ensure that comprehensive and accurate records are kept, such that decisions are open to scrutiny and that records are sufficient to show that decisions are impartial and consistent
  • advise the Nominations Committee on recommendations for awards and the associated rationale and process
  • forward to BF Head Office a copy of all BFHC meeting minutes, which should be signed by, or emailed from, the BFHC Chair

Meeting Dates

Committee Members

Chair:  Peter Jacobs
Vice Chair/Coordinator:  Lawrence Burr OBE
Teddy Bourne
Raymond Crawford
Malcolm Fare
Dr Clare Halsted
Janet Huggins
John Troiano

To see who has been awarded Honours on previous occasions please click here


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