The International Cadet Management Group (ICMG) is an Operational Work Group


Items marked with a * will be discussed and agreed with the Talent Pathway Manager.  Items marked + will be subject to additional approval by the Performance Director/CEO.

  • Cadet Calendar (including domestic selection tournaments) *
  • EFC Competition Nominations (European Fencing Confederation)*
  • EFC Competition Squad Selection Policies *
  • EFC Competition Squad Selection Process
  • GB Cadet Ranking – reviewing and monitoring
  • Appointment and support of non-travelling Squad Managers (SM)
  • Cadet European & World Championship Selection Policies* +
  • Cadet European & World Championship Selection Process*  +


Group Members

Chair: Clare Halsted

Weapon Leads
Epee: TBC
Foil: Sophie Troiano and Johnny Davis
Sabre: Pat Aiyenuro

Squad Managers
Epee: Maggie Maynard
Foil: Sandra Beardmore
Sabre: Margie Mascolino


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