Medical Committee

The Medical Committee is a BF Standing Committee.

All BF Standing Committee Terms of References must align with the Board approved BF Standing Committee – Basic Terms of Reference v1.3 approved 23.11.2021.


  • To advise on the formulation of policy and plans to help reduce the risk of illness and injury through participation in Fencing activities.
  • To promote and support education, training and the dissemination of information to help reduce the risk of illness and injury through participation in Fencing activities, including liaison with the Safety Committee.
  • Collect data on the incidence of injury and illness in fencers.
  • Led by the Anti-doping Panel, and in co-operation with the ADP medical support staff support and advise on anti-doping policy implementation, including its application to junior fencers.
  • To provide a forum for discussion and communication between medical members of the Fencing community.
  • Ensure BF demonstrates consistency and best practice in both medical support and anti-doping policy in relation to hosting international competitions.
  • To provide input into selection processes, where requested.
  • To review and propose updates/changes to all relevant BF policies.
  • To advise the Executive Team on Medical Provision at BF events.

Meeting Dates
21.3.2022 First Meeting
The Committee is expected to meet 3-4 times a year, online or face to face.

Committee Members (Specialism/Area of Practice)
Chair:  Clare Halsted (GP, Anti-Doping)
Mary Cohen (Paediatrics)
Stephen Domek (GP)
Peter Hughes (Orthopaedics and trauma)
Lindsey Bottoms (Sports Science)
Saskia Blair (Physiotherapy)
Gareth Bashir (General Surgeon)


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