BF Board Anti-Doping Lead – Role Description

The BF Board will appoint one of its directors to be the Board Anti-Doping Lead.


Over and above the standard Board Director Role, the Board Anti-Doping Lead has these additional responsibilities:

  1. Act as the BF Board Lead on Anti Doping matters
  2. Keep up to date with Anti-Doping matters, advising and informing the Board as briefed by BF’s Anti Doping Officers
  3. Ensure that Anti-Doping matters are discussed at least once a year
  4. Ensure that the BF Organisational Risk Log accurately reflects the identified risks and mitigation activities relating to anti-doping
  5. To ensure that an overview of anti-doping activities
    carried out by the NGB over the previous year is published on an annual basis
  6. To confirm the NGB’s jurisdictional links to its International
    Federation and/or other NGBs and/or other member bodies
  7. To confirm the NGB’s membership and/or licence structure
    (for example local associations, clubs, individuals etc.) and
    how it has jurisdiction over all Athletes, Athlete Support
    Personnel and other Persons
  8. To confirm Board adoption of the UK Anti-Doping Rules
  9. To review BF’s Anti-Doping Strategy and present to the Board for discussion (annually)
  10. To annually meet with BF’s Anti Doping Officers to discuss the ongoing implementation of UKAD Assurance Framework and report back to the Board


Experience & Knowledge

  • Basic understanding of UKAD anti-doping structure and procedures
  • Strategic insight into anti-doping and related integrity issues
  • Basic knowledge of BF’s role and responsibilities to comply with UKAD framework
  • Basic knowledge of roles and responsibilities of anti-doping agencies
  • Basic knowledge of national framework for anti-doping



The Anti-Doping Lead must have completed the relevant eLearning course made available by UKAD.



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