01/02/2024- Safety


The long-standing reporting procedure provides useful data for safety reviews and insurance matters. Members are reminded to report all accidents and near misses to help us keep our sport as safe as possible.

Online report form available here

BF keeps a record of all reported significant medical incidents, accidents or injuries that occur during fencing-related activities including bouts, lessons, drills, and warm-ups.

Of particular importance are incidents involving weapons, as these are unique to fencing. A near miss of a potentially serious injury is also relevant.

These records are anonymised and reviewed on an annual basis by the Safety Committee who are responsible for recommending updates to the BF Safety Guidelines for Board approval.

To assist us in this work it is vital for us to receive reports – the online report form is available here.

In particular, please report:

  • All injuries that happen in a fencing environment
  • Any near miss – a close call that could have been worse (e.g. mask falling off)
  • Serious medical incidents requiring attention (e.g. collapse, asthma attack, cardiac episode)
  • Protective clothing failure – this is especially important


We are grateful to everyone who takes the trouble to provide information.

BF Safety Committee


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