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BF Adjusted Ranking Lists for Zonal Qualifier Selections

Following the completion of the final FIE competitions in the direct qualification period, the BF Adjusted Ranking Lists are published for athlete review in preparation for Zonal Qualifier Selections. 

Selections for the upcoming European Zonal Qualifier event for Tokyo 2020 will be made according to the criteria published in the Board approved Zonal Selection Policy.

In accordance with this policy, BF is publishing the Adjusted Ranking List and the Adjusted Ranking List (Current Form). Noting that where there is no GBR athlete in the top 50 of the World Rankings, Adjusted Ranking List (Current Form) is the applicable ranking (criteria 6.2.2).

Athletes wishing to be considered for selection for the zonal qualification event are encouraged to review the data below and contact [email protected] should they spot any issues.

The Adjusted Ranking List (ARL) is based on an athlete’s points (not world ranking) from the official FIE World ranking points, excluding points gained at FIE Satellites. ‘Current Form’ ARL is based on results from 1st October 2019 – 5th April 2021.

The below table shows the total number of points gained by the top 4 GBR athletes on the ARL and their ‘Current Form’ ARL (which forms part of criteria 6.2.2 in the Zonal Selection policy).


MAXWELL Caitlin 124 11.5 4.5 (1)
ITZKOWITZ Aliya 170 5.5 2.75 (2)
CHART Maria 187 4.5 0.5
DAYKIN Kate 220 2.25 0.75
DEARY William 54 32.5 14.5 (1)
WEBB Jonathan 81 19.75 5.5
MILLER Curtis 85 18 8 (2)
HONEYBONE James 90 14.75 6
SICA Susan Maria 73 24.5 11 (1)
SMITH TAYLOR Katrina 129 11.25 1.75 (2)
LAWSON Danielle 317 1.25 1.25
COHEN Mary 332 1 1
MARSH Philip 121 14.625 3.125 (1)
SANCHEZ-LETHEM Paul 226 5.5 1.75 (2)
GROVER Elliott 329 2.125 0.625
MILNER Maxton 347 1.5 0.5
BEARDMORE Kate 104 12.75 1.25 (2)
DICKSON Chloe 189 3.5 0.25
CAMPBELL Yasmin 227 1.75 1.75 (1)
SMITH Katie 279 0.5 0.25


Next Steps

The selection decision will be made by the ADP GBR Selection Panel applying the criteria described in the Board approved Zonal Selection Policy..

The selection will then be approved by the CEO, after review with Mark Lyttle, Chair and independent Board Director.



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