ADP 2022-23 Focus Areas

ADP Focus Areas for THE  2022-23 SEASON

As the BF Athlete Development programme moves into its UK Sport Progression year 2 and the new Sport England funding cycle year 1. We would like to share some of the specific area for development in the next year and how we will be seeking to work.

The 2022-23 ADP focus areas are:

Submission of an application for UK Sport Confirmation funding – This programme is for athletes on a demonstrable performance trajectory to medal at Los Angeles 2028 and Brisbane 2032, it is a maximum two year programme as pre-entry support to an Olympic cycle.

Para Fencing Integration into ADP Pathway – The adjustment of the pathway standards to include the discipline of para-fencing, the inclusion of para fencing into the ADP camps and competition frameworks, the completion of the situational analysis of para-fencing opportunities within the community and the appointment of a Lead for Para-Fencing at BF.

Continuing developing the World Class Ready Foundations for 2024 – Includes the delivery of a Learning Week, sessions to increase awareness and understanding of the Athlete Development Programme and Pathway Standards, underpinned by the GBR playbook. (Call it Attitude) and further refinement of policies and procedures to meet the required UK Sport standards.

The BF Weapon Strategy – Further explanation and information on the BF Weapon Strategy, where we were post Tokyo, where we want to be by 2024/28/32, and the reality of where we are now. The longer term planning by each weapon.

Performance Planning – A sustained drive to increase the use of Athlete Profiles, the Individual Development Plans (IDPs) and Performance Plans (PP) for ADP Athlete. The focus on athletes working towards meeting the qualification standards for the major championship in the next two season s, 2022-23 and 2023-24. Drive the use of IDPs or PPs to provide greater clarity and direction within the training programme, a requirement for future funding with UK Sport.

Launch the Athlete Curriculum Phase 1. – Based around providing learning and experience opportunities at the Foundation, Experience and Performance phases of an age group, underpinned by the fencing life, the stage and age of development.


Senior Fencing – To improve the senior’s integration into ADP pathway, with specific camps and international training camps. To produce the timetable of event by weapon (Camps, Competitions, International training Camps) to recognised the breath of development opportunities

Coaching – The continuation of delivery of the High Performance Coach Strategy via the building the base phases and the delivery of the advanced coaching programme, as well as  the ongoing support to the current coaches who have completed the BF Coach IDP or Coach Health Check and are maintaining and building on these to drive their personal development in the high performance space.

Athletes – Continue to deliver on the key underpinning foundations for the Athlete:

  • Recognise when in a predicted, an unpredicted and a planned transition
  • Strategic Competition Plans and Performance Trajectories
    • Plans A (Expected)
    • Plan B (Above Expectations
    • Plan C (Below Expectations)
  • Training and Competition Standards (Result Expectations)
  • Athlete Assessment Review – Using Current Assessment Forms and Athlete Assessment


If you have any questions relating to this page, please submit them to us via the form here and a member of the ADP team will come back to you.



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