The London club has signed a first ever multi-year merchandising partnership with British Fencing.

Alex Eagle Sporting Club has signed a three-year partnership with British Fencing (BF) that includes access to the BF logo, both historic and new, to create custom merchandise for general release and their club membership. The partnership is the start of a collaboration and celebration of fencing in the UK. Alex Eagle Sporting Club becomes another valued partner in BF’s wider commercial partner and sponsorship programme. A percentage of revenue from each sale will go back into BF and the development of the sport of fencing in the UK.

Alex Eagle, Founder and CEO of Alex Eagle Sporting Club says, “I am always so inspired by sports that you can enjoy for their own sake. What attracts me to fencing is the joy of movement, the sophistication, the clothes, the ritual and ceremony, putting on the clothes that haven’t changed for centuries, steeped in history and heritage, nature of it means you work on posture, agility and keep very focused. It is chess on legs, you live in the present, your mind can’t wander, and in a world of sensory overload, you can step outside that – while wearing white, in person to person combat with your opponent, you are very in the moment. It is so very good for your mental health to be in the moment.

“I want to be part of fencing becoming more known about and accessible, so it can be practised and enjoyed by more people. It stimulates mind and body, is great fun and steeped in British history, so now feels a good moment to open it up to as many people as possible.”

James Craig, Head of Commercial at BF says, “We have been supporting Alex Eagle and her team in their ambition to provide a holistic club offering focused on wellbeing and health for a number of months. At every point in our conversations, Alex and her team have been extremely creative and passionate about what they do and how they can support us in raising the awareness of fencing. The partnership initially focuses on lifestyle merchandise that can be worn off the piste and we are excited to see how the collaboration may develop as we prepare for Paris 2024 and beyond.”


About BF and the BF Partnership and Sponsorship Programme:

BF is the National Governing Body (NGB) for the Olympic Sport of Fencing in the British Isles (excluding the Republic of Ireland). It is the organisation that sets out the rules, standards and guidelines under which fencing operates, and promotes the development of the sport in the UK.

Part of BF’s work is supported through commercial Partnerships and Sponsorships. As a ‘Partner’ or ‘Sponsor’ to BF, an organisation formalises a relationship where there is mutual benefit to both parties. The Partner or Sponsor commits to value-in-kind or paid sponsorship in relation to the commercial value, services and/or products that BF provide. BF’s partners have been selectively chosen to create a defined and purposeful family that support BF’s vision and mission.


About Alex Eagle Sporting Club:

Alex Eagle Sporting Club is a new venture by Alex Eagle, with fencing as a central offering in their new sports club. The club is inspired by the joy of movement. Classes will include fencing, dance, pilates, boxing, yoga, jujitsu, ballet, gardening, tennis, running, rowing, and reading. The club will be a holistic gathering of sports, activities and lifestyle experiences that focuses on wellbeing, all delivered at a new venue at Lexington Street and 180 Strand, London.

In July 2014, she opened the doors to the Alex Eagle Studio in London, a luxury retail space selling high-end fashion, art, design, homeware and beauty — and her own fashion and collaborations with jewellers and brands such as Pantherella, Vibi, and Maison Labiche — presented in a setting laid out like a home. She has also since collaborated with luggage start-up Away.

Alongside this, Eagle oversees The Store, which opened its flagship space inside Soho House in Berlin in 2015. The following year, the retail and work space concept opened its second outpost in Soho Farmhouse in Oxfordshire. In 2016, The Store launched its most ambitious project yet: a new broadcast, retail and co-working space at 180 The Strand, London, with the likes of Dazed Media and London Fashion Week counting the space as their headquarters.



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