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Field of Play Accreditation for Cadet and Junior Nationals – 21st/22nd September 2019


Field of Play (FoP) Accreditation will be in operation for the Cadet and Junior National Championships. This is accreditation for individuals that wish to support from the end of a piste, on the field of play during the Direct Elimination (DE) bouts.

Full details of the Field of Play rules and restrictions can be found here.

Coach and Supporter Accreditation will be free for applications received by 16th September 2019. Any additional accreditations required after that date will be subject to an additional charge. Currently it is unlikely that we will be able to process new applications quickly on the day, therefore we encourage advance applications even if you are not confident your fencer will make it through to the DE stages.

Supporter Accreditation (primarily for parents) can be applied for here. One application will need to be submitted per child per event.

Coach Accreditation (for coaches on the BF register) can be applied for here. Only one application per coach is necessary.

Before applying, please read the Field of Play guidance which can be found on the Cadet and Junior Championships event page.


Summary of FoP Restrictions – During the poules, other than the referees and competition officials no-one other than the athletes are permitted in the field of play.  This means no parents, family, coaches and so on. Please note that the viewing opportunities in the hall where the poules are running are extremely limited so athletes are expected to be capable of participating in a poule without support.  If an athlete requires additional (non coaching) field of play assistance during the poules please contact [email protected] so we can discuss appropriate arrangements.

During the direct elimination matches, each athlete, for the duration of their bout is allowed one nominated accredited person within the field of play. Once the athlete has finished fencing these accredited nominated individuals are expected to immediately leave the field of play, to allow the next match to commence.

Fencers and their accredited nominated individuals who are next on piste cannot wait for their match inside the field of play.



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