The GB Style

The GB Style provides for a technical and tactical framework for coaches to support their athletes as they build their fencing specific skills and move through the pathway stages.

It sets out what a GBR fencer is expected to be able to do from a technical and tactical perspective.

It also creates a common reference point and terminology for coaches and athletes when they come together to train or compete.

The technical and tactical framework is built around the fundamental ‘3 P’s: Perceive, Predict and Provoke. These  define a framework of space/distance and time:

  • Perceive – Keep out of critical distance – Ensure the opponent commits to a decision first and that you’re prepared to react
  • Predict – Pre-meditated setting of distance – Ensure your action happens at the moment of the opponent’s predicted reaction (not too early nor too late)
  • Provoke – Maintain or reach critical distance – Start before your opponent with provocation and commit to your final action after their reaction

Based on the 3 P’s each weapon has its own defined GB style.  This is reviewed on a regular basis by the weapon coaches on the Athlete Development Programme.


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