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Current standings for athletes meeting the qualification standards for the 2022/23 season for Major Championships have been published.

(updated 19.01.2023 – this news post is now superceeded by the website page here).

Selection to fence in the individual events at European & World Championships for GBR is initially made from eligible athletes who have reached the necessary qualifying standards, subject to the Selection Policy

These standards are a measure set by the ADP team, approved by the BF board, and are shared with our funding partners as a measure of suitable performance standards to be considered for selection and potential funding. Athletes or teams wanting to be considered for selection for the Major Championships are expected to meet and exceed these standards.

IMPORTANT: Meeting the qualifying standards does not guarantee automatic selection for the major championships. 

Extract from the Selection Policy: 

Excluding Cadet World Championships: If more than three eligible athletes have reached the qualifying standard for the European & World Championships, then: the first three athletes on the respective BF ranking list will be selected. The fourth athlete and any non-travelling reserve will be selected/proposed by the ADT, at their discretion. These will normally be selected from any remaining qualified athletes using a combination of assessing comparative qualification standards and discretionary factors, except in Seniors where in the case that an athlete with recent Senior qualification form fails to make a standard due to significant injury/illness or pregnancy, the ADT reserve the right to propose that athlete for either place (instead of a qualified athlete), subject to that athlete being able to demonstrate a return to fitness.

The published table shows athletes that currently meet the qualification standards and athletes that are close to making those standards based on two qualifying performances. The table also shows the current FIE Junior and Senior Team World rankings. 

Publishing the current table is to support athletes and their coaches with their competition plans. A link to the table can be found here.

More information about ADP camps, programmes and updates can be found here.


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