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BF Athlete Development Programme (ADP) Update June 2019

As BF’s Athlete Development Programme (ADP) moves into years 3 and 4 of its funding cycle, we would like to share some specific areas for development over the next two years, and how we will be seeking to work.

The 2019-20 ADP Focus Areas are published here and include:

    • Weapon Development 
    • Athlete profiles – performance profiling
    • Fencers aged 18-23 – “Dual Career” and transition support
    • Cadet and Junior Women’s Foil and Sabre

Following consultation the draft Selection and Ranking policies for Junior and Cadets have been published and are pending Board approval.

Specific Notices

Calendar: The purpose of the BF calendar is not to list all the competitions a fencer should or must attend. Instead the calendar, along with the ranking and selection policies create the structure to aid the selection of the best squad to represent Great Britain at the Cadet, Junior and U23 European and World Championships. Fencers, with the support of their coaches, are expected to review and set their personal development and seasonal goals. The calendar can then be used to select the competitions to meet those realistic goals.

This season there has been an increased number of nominated international events. The intention is not to add significant extra cost or competition burden, but to give fencers a ‘menu’ of events from which they can select those most appropriate for their development stage and season goals. If you would like to discuss your season goals and which events are most appropriate, please contact your ADP Weapon lead.

Two disciplines have nominated the GB U23 championship as an ‘international event’ for the purposes of the rankings. The intention is to give those less able to travel abroad a domestically-based ‘international’ points scoring opportunity.

With regards to selection, it is important to stress that the calendar highlights when the ranking list will be locked and used in selection. These are not selection announcement dates.

The True Athlete Project (TAP) will support the ADP to deliver an education programme for Athletes and Coaches.

For athletes: the aim is to help athletes experience increased self-awareness, profound personal and social development and enhanced perception of what it means to be an athlete.

For coaches: the aim is to be equipped with a greater understanding of, and the necessary skills to develop the mental wellbeing of the athletes they support. For more information https://www.britishfencing.com/the-true-athlete-project/

Cadet European and Cadet Worlds Selection 2020: For the European Championships, it is the intention to select a full complement of 24 fencers to attend the individual and team events. For the World Championships, it is the intention to only select fencers that have met the qualification criteria. The rationale for the difference in selection is the lack of team event at the World Championships and the increased quality of the world competition. All parents and coaches of athletes seeking selection should read the following Guide to Selection.

Parent Membership (U18 athletes) and Communications with BF. Please note the announcement here.



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