GBR Athlete Development Programme Contacts

For matters relating to the GBR Athlete Development Programme please contact:

Rob Cawdron – ADP Project Officer (Pathways Development)

Neil Brown – ADP Project Officer (DiSE, formally known as AASE)

Chris Galesloot – Foil Lead

John Rees – Epee Lead

Jon Salfield – Sabre Lead

Shelley Robinson – GBR Administrator

Steve Kemp – GBR Programme Manager, Coaching Development Manager 

If you are unsure who to contact (or an email address is not listed) please use and your emails will be directed to the member of the team best able to help.

Please note that the majority of the ADP only work part-time. Please bear with us as we try to prioritise and respond to all the emails we receive. You may find it quicker in the meantime to to check the information available online.


DiSE Contacts:

  • Neil Brown – British Fencing Project Officer
  • Lisa Godwin Director of AASE at South Gloucestershire and Stroud College
  • Jon Wyse Head of AASE at South Gloucestershire and Stroud College
  • David Rendell Internal Verifier at South Gloucestershire and Stroud College
  • Beth Davidson British Fencing DiSE Assessor
  • Steven Davey British Fencing DiSE Assessor
  • Lynne Melia British Fencing DiSE Assessor
  • Jamie Miller British Fencing DiSE Assessor
  • Jes Smith British Fencing DiSE Assessor
  • Paul Sibert British Fencing DiSE Assessor
  • Lyn Robinson Team Manager

Selection Issues:

If your query relates to selection (including ranking issues that affect selection) please ensure that you have read the relevant policy which explains who to contact in the event of an issue. This will ensure that your query is resolved as quickly as possible.

These can be found in the relevant GBR section of the website – Cadet, Junior, Senior etc.

Junior World Cup Selection:

Please note that the ADP are primarily responsible for selection of athletes for Junior World Cup Team Events. Athletes are only available to be selected by the ADP provided that they have already been selected for the nominated individual event by a panel of independent selectors.

Junior contacts can be found here


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