27/11/2020- Beginner Fencer


BF launches a curated library of BF produced On Demand content with video workouts, webinars, strength and conditioning sessions, interviews and more.

BF TV is a collection of BF produced content for viewers to choose from depending on their level of ability and interests.

The content includes:

  • Get Inspired: Interviews with top GBR athletes and team members.
  • Get Fit: Workouts with fencers including sessions with Marcus Mepstead.
  • Get Started: Fun, creative challenges for younger viewers who want to try fencing with the #ITriedFencing series.
  • Get Knowledge: Strength and Conditioning webinars for S&C professionals who work with fencers, hosted by BF S&C weapon specialists in Epee, Sabre and Foil, referee webinars and videos about the coaching journey.


The content, which is powered by the Playwaze activity finder platform, can be filtered by category. Further content will be produced and released with a broad range of audience interests in mind.

Thanks to all our members. Your membership makes this content possible. By signing up to membership you can support the work we do. Supporter membership is available and Introduction Membership is free for the first 90 days.  Head to https://www.britishfencing.com/become-a-member/ and join BF today.



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