30/04/2021- Olympic Zone News


BF and the BF Charity have teamed up to launch the BF Olympic Alumni Club to bring together and celebrate our proud history of Fencing Olympians.

As we head towards the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, BF and the British Fencing Charity have teamed up to create the BF Olympic Alumni Club. There is a proud tradition of British Olympic Fencing athletes in the modern Olympics stretching back to 1900. The BF Olympic Alumni Club has been created to celebrate this.

The BF Olympic Alumni Club is also open to the fencing coaches and officials who have been part of the TeamGB story. If you are an Olympian athlete, coach or official and would like to join to BF Olympic Alumni Club, please email [email protected].

The club launch begins with a dedicated Olympic Zone on the BF website that shows our British Olympic Fencing teams going back to 1900, kindly provided by TeamGB. The zone will build over time with individual profiles, events and results. We will also share stories that highlight the inspiration and impact our Olympians create on and off the piste.

The Olympic Zone also includes a ‘Did You Know?’ section with facts about Olympic Fencing, as well as a Hall of Fame, coming soon. There is also a ‘Get Involved’ section for readers who want to explore fencing for their school or community or become a BF member.

If this news has inspired you to get more active, take the next step and join in our ‘Travel to Tokyo’ challenge! As a community, we are getting together to walk the equivalent distance of a journey from London to Tokyo. More information is in the Olympic Zone and you can join in here.




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