18/06/2020- Latest News

Black Lives Matter – Coach Conversations and Actions

BF project creates resource to support fencing coaches in holding BLM conversations and taking meaningful anti-racist action.

The following resource was created to support the coaches delivering sessions as part of Muslim Girls Fence and has been adapted for BF’s general use. The resource is a ‘working document’ and information will continue to be added overtime.

Resources for BLM conversations and actions


It’s important to recognise that whilst its valuable that these conversations are happening, they are pointless if they don’t lead to any action and actual change in real life. It’s also a time for reflection; why has it taken 400+ years of oppression and violence against Black people for these conversations to happen in 2020, and why hasn’t anti-racism been an everyday part of our lives? Also, we need to point out that everything discussed here goes beyond ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusion’ which are often meaningless and without any real substance.” Read more here.


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