09/07/2018- Governance Notices

2018 BF Board Election Announcement

The British Fencing Board announces the timetable and process for the 2018 Election of Board Directors.  The election is required to fill two Elected Board Director positions which are vacant through Directors’ time expiring and one further Elected Board Director vacant through resignation.

Job Description

The job description for the Board Director position is published on the BF website under “Governance – British Fencing Board – Director Job Description”. http://britishfencing.com/uploads/files/bf_board_director_responsibilities_v2.0.pdf

It is essential for any candidate to study this document and consider whether he or she has the capacity and experience to fulfil the role and responsibilities.

About The Board

We draw members’ attention to the section on the website as follows:


Vision, Mission & Objectives

The BF Board has set the following 2024 vision, mission and objectives.

Vision – A strong, successful and sustainable Fencing Community

Mission – To inspire and enable people to start, stay and succeed in fencing

2024 Strategic Objectives

1.     A pathway to International success
2.     A stronger, empowered community of 30,000 fencers, volunteers, coaches and supporters.
3.     Accessible inclusive swordplay opportunities delivered via partnership programmes
4.     A sustainable future supported by high quality governance and infrastructure that is financially resilient
5.     Maximise the  wider  benefits  of  fencing  and  the  positive  impact  it  can  have  on  people’s  lives


The Board advises members that for good governance purposes, it is essential to maintain a diverse Board of Directors that is representative of the BF membership. The recent equality survey shows that

fencers in the 18-35 age group

are currently under-represented on the Board. Therefore the Board specifically encourages candidates from these groups to stand.


The Board must ensure that it has a broad range of skills and attributes that collectively support the delivery of British Fencing’s vision, mission and objectives.  The Board are seeking to enhance its collective experience and expertise by encouraging candidates with current qualifications and practice experience  in the following areas are particularly encouraged to stand:


Below is the detailed information about the election from the British Fencing Electoral Officer.



As required by the Bye-laws, the Board has fixed the following dates for these elections:

The Qualifying Date: Friday 3rd August 2018

The Qualifying Date is the date at which a member of British Fencing must be a “Qualifying Voting Member” in order to be eligible to vote in the election.

Under the Articles, a Qualifying Voting Member is any Member who is a fully paid-up Voting Member and whose name is entered on the Roll on the Qualifying Date.

In other words, if you want to vote in this election, you must make sure that by not later than the Qualifying Date shown above the British Fencing Head Office has your name entered in its records as a fully-paid up voting member.

Under the current rules, members in the following categories who are aged 18 or over are Voting Members: Starter, Recreational, Compete.

The Nomination Date: Friday 3rd August 2018

The Nomination Date is the date by which completed Nomination Forms must be received by British Fencing Head Office.  Please note that forms must be received by BF by 12 noon on that date.

This means that if you want to nominate someone as a candidate in this year’s election, you must ensure that the completed Nomination Form, including the completed Details of Candidate Form and the signatures of not less than15, but not more than 20, paid-up members of BF, who are eligible to vote in the election, to support the nomination, has been received by British Fencing Head Office by no later than 12 noon on the Nomination Date shown above.  (See further in the attached Instructions for Nomination of Directors.)

Instructions for Nomination of Directors

Please see the Instructions for Nomination of Directors accompanying this notice.

Teddy Bourne, BF Electoral Officer – 27th June 2018

Election Timetable

The timetable for the election can be seen on the Timeline Chart 2018

Instructions For Nomination of Directors

Nomination Form

Administrative Procedures

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