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What are BRCs?

What are British Ranking Competitions (BRCs)?

BRCs are events that count towards the U20 (Junior), U17 (Cadet) and U14 Ranking Schemes.

There are 4 BRC Event Types –  A, B, C and D Events

A summary of the British Ranking Competition (BRC) structure can be found here: BRITISH RANKING COMPETITIONS – SERIES STRUCTURE – BRITISH FENCING

How do I find out what events are BRCs?

British Ranking competitions (BRCs) are registered and sanctioned through BF. They will appear on the GBR Calendars.

U14 BRCs - For Parents and Athletes

What does BF mean by EF and EFC?

EF = England Fencing

EFC = European Fencing Federation

Can I still compete at the EFC competitions if I cannot compete at the British Youth Championships and the British Open?

Fencers who could not compete can complete an exemption form retrospectively to be considered for attendance. For the 2024/2025 season – in most cases, these will be granted subject to the conditions set out in the GBR Selection Policy (eligibility). The link to the form can be found here: Click here

What if my ranking is outside the top 50%?

Fencers that can demonstrate evidence of competing Internationally will be allowed to compete. You may be required to provide this evidence.

Why is BF restricting entries to U14 International competitions?

We have a minimum entry standard similar to our entry restrictions for athletes wishing to attend International Senior events. This ensures that fencers attending international events can demonstrate the competency and readiness to compete at this level through domestic performances. Competing internationally too early can damage a fencer’s development and make it unpleasant.

Regarding the requirements for U14 EFC entry, does the U12 event at BYCs in count?

Yes, it does. The U14 event is restricted by birth year, so not all fencers eligible for U14 rankings could compete. Those who fenced in the U12 category are also eligible.

If someone is in the top 20 on U14 EF rankings but doesn’t meet the requirement for BF, will they be eligible to be entered?

In most cases, the Home Nations will request that BF enter the fencers on their behalf. At the start of the BF rankings, we recognise that there will be differences between the two sets of rankings.

Will this season’s  (2023-24) EFC U14 results be added to the ranking?

No—the results cannot be included, as fencers were unaware they could be used for rankings at sign-up.

FAQs for Event Organisers

 I have already confirmed my event/s for 2024-25. Can these count towards the new ranking structure?

Existing events can count as C and D events. Organisers can complete their event’s expression of interest form to count towards the rankings.

Organisers will receive confirmation from BF whether or not the event has been licenced as a BRC event and the next steps.

Do I need to apply for a new event licence if I have already licenced an event as a non-ranking event?

If your event is already on Sport80 and you have filled in the expression of interest form, you do not need to do another event licence. If the event is included as a BRC event, you will receive information on ensuring the event is set up correctly.

Can I still run events that do not count towards the ranking scheme for these age groups?

Non-ranking community events are essential to the sport’s growth and development. Organisers are encouraged to continue to run events and may have their own non-BF Ranking series structure or regular events each year.

Am I required to accept 11 and 10 year olds into U14 BRC Events?

We understand that many community organisers run U10, U12 and U14 age groups on the same day of competitions.

For U14 BRC events, organisers are permitted to allow eligible 10 and 11 year old fencers to ‘fence up’ to the U14 event. However, this is not mandatory.

Organisers should consider their scheduling if they feel their events may be impacted by running multiple other age groups alongside U14 BRC events.

Whilst fencers may wish to compete in two events at the same time this is not recommended (particularly for those U15) due to the potential impact on the fencer, the other fencers and the organising team. In any case only in exceptional circumstances should this be allowed and must be signed off by the event welfare officer and noted on the risk assessment.

Age group definition information can be found here: AGE GROUP DEFINITIONS – BRITISH FENCING

Can I hold more than one C BRC per age category and weapon in a season?

For C events, organisers are only permitted one event of the same weapon, age, and gender category per season.

Events may be run by the same event organiser but hosted in different locations around the country (more than 25 miles from each other)
E.g. –
Elite Epee (Moulton, Northampton) and Elite Epee (Ashstead, Surrey)

Series Events, such as the Leon Paul Junior Series, can hold more than one event per season as these are delivered by separate clubs or individuals, on their behalf, throughout the UK. These events would be considered separate and can be sanctioned as they are in different areas of the country
and don’t clash.

E.g., LPJS Bristol, Manchester, Fighting Fit (London), and Salle Boston.
C events should avoid clashing unless they are over 100 miles apart. If they do not clash, we may sanction both events at BF’s discretion.

C events will not be sanctioned if they clash with GBR Performance camps for that age group.


When can I run a C/D BRC?

C/D BRCs can take place throughout the season, organisers are advised to check the GBR Calendars and Event Search to look for suitable dates/avoid potential clashes.

BRC events will not be licenced to take place during the summer break (typically the month of August), which is set out in the BF structured season




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