British Veterans Fencing

British Veterans Fencing (BVF) exists to promote and support fencing for people over 40 years old.

The National Veterans Association (NVA) was founded by Henry de Silva in 1987. NVA became BVF in 2010.

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It is a separately constituted membership body providing a set of additional services to BF members which includes specific veteran competitions, newsletters and GBR selection. (To receive the benefits of  BF membership including insurance and eligibility to compete fencers still need to be a member of BF)

Veterans fencing has four age categories: Cat 1 (40-49 years old); Cat 2 (50-59 years old); Cat 3 (60-69 years old) and Cat 4 (70+).

Throughout the year BVF holds competitions which are either divided into individual age groups or open to all fencers over 40. BVF uses certain competitions to select fencers to represent Great Britain but veterans can also compete in smaller open competitions and team events.


Home Nation Associations

England Veterans Fencing – Contact: Ev Van Gemeren

Welsh Veterans Fencing – Contact: Lyn Robinson

Scottish Veterans Fencing – Contact: Karen Grant

Ireland Veterans Fencing – Contact: Fiona Haldane



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