I'm still involved with the club six years later, and being part of a BUCS cup winning team in final year was a great memory
- Calum

BUCS Team Championships

In BUCS team fencing matches, students compete in all 3 weapons in the same match. This means that a full BUCS team could have over 12 fencers (3 Foil, 3 Epee, 3 Sabre with reserves in each weapon). However, it is not uncommon for fencers to double up and fence multiple weapons in the same match. Matches build to a cumulative score of up to 135 (3 team relays to 45 points). The winner is the team which has the highest overall score. If teams are tied, then the winner is decided by the team that has won the most weapons. BUCS Team Championships have both a league and cup knockout format.


The cups are knockout team matches that finish in finals for each cup. The cups are spread across multiple leagues of similar abilities, the top leagues (Premier & Tier 1) compete in the Championship and the other leagues in the Trophy. The matches are a direct knock-out, with seeding being based on league position. The higher seed team is the home team, the lower seed is away. The cups build up to a final for each competition, the headline event being Big BUCS Wednesday, where the Men’s and Women’s Championship and Trophy finals take place, at the same venue.


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