Last Updated: 29th March 2022

The below fencers have been granted a bye through to the British Youth Championships 2022.

Fencers who are unable to attend their RQE due to exceptional circumstances or due to international selection are able to complete the RQE bye request form here


Name  Region  Weapon  Age Group 
Martha Conchie South West WF U18
Amelia Ward South East WF U18
Rachael Adams South West WF U16
Melissa Jane South West WS U18
Elena Stent Eastern WF U14
Li Leo Lim South East MF U18
Lucas Godfrey Eastern ME U18
Liam Kew South East ME U18
Amelie Tsang South East WF U16
Danielius Juras South East MF U16
David Perkins South East ME U18
Megan Elliott London WF U16
Indio Campbell Yates London MF U18
Xavier Wallin South East MF U18
Keshini Talbot Eastern WE U18
Mihkel Archer Eastern MF U16
Isabella Howser Eastern WE U14
Aidan Garcia-Ghuran Eastern MS U14
Noah Goryn West Midlands MF U16
Henry Martin South West MS U18
Ryuki Hiyama West Midlands MS U18
Eleanor Blackledge West Midlands WS U16
Alistair McLeod South East MS U16
Isla McLeod South East WS U12
Verity Lees South East WS U16
Amber McAuley South East WS U16
Alicia McDougall London WS U12
Benjamin Dovey London MF U18
Paul-Antoine Martineau-Casau London MS U16
Ethan Gilbert South East MS U14
Jacob Nurse South East MS U18
Jaimie Cook Scotland East MF U18
Nye Ulferts Kilpatrick Scotland East MF U18
David Sosnov London MF U16
Casey Jones Wales ME U16
Amelie Russell Wales WE/WS U18
Ben Isted Eastern MS U14
Claire Sosnov London WF U14
Elizabeth Marshall Southern WS U12
James Hughes Wales ME U18
Rhys Jackson Wales ME U16
Aneeka Jethwa West Midlands WF U16
Kelsey Woname South West WS U18
Kaden Woname South West MS U14
Esme Murray Southern WE U16
Edward Scott Payne Southern MF U18
Brigitte Bacchus Southern WF U18

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